Out History

Antooba is currently working on IT sector and established in 12 October, 2018. We are trusted community among the people all over the world through online.

We are bunch of engineers graduated from DIU and working as a team. We successfully ran some IT based project.

Our services include the followings:

a) Web designing & development

b) Android & IOS apps development

c) Desktop Apps Development

And we expect in near future our company shall include:

Electronics, Textile & Garments, Civil & Architecture, Mechanical & Automobile as well. Which will bring a great enhancement to our company and its employees and consumers.

With some diverse group of people, we bring a unique perspective to everything what we do.

Team Member

Ours is a team of visionary young professionals who simply love client satisfication. We code and we develop to make you happy.

Radoan Hossain Founder & CEO

Organizer ~ Developer ~ Original.

Anik Chandra Sutradhar Co-Founder & CFO


Ruble Sarker Co-Founder & CTO


Showrav Majumdar Co-Founder & CMO